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How to Efficiently Use Google Analytics to Boost Your Sales

Many often refer to Google Analytics services as a data gold mine. After all, beyond the opportunities that it presents brands and companies to increase sales, it also enables them to prevent any problems that keep them from the realization of their enterprise’s profit potential. And because of this, more and more organizations are making use of it as a marketing tool

However, the question is, how do you use Google Analytics to boost your sales efficiently? In this guide, we’ll cover a few tips that will help you get started, from gauging website effectiveness to transforming its reports into a branded dashboard as a white label software. Continue reading to learn more.

  1. Analyze the efficacy of the website through custom URLs

One of the reasons why many Google Analytics custom URLs are used is because it enables users to measure how successful email blasts, AdWord campaigns, and other pieces of content are. For example, suppose you’re in the business of selling flowers over the Internet and using Google Adwords. If you want to maximize your chances of achieving the intended outcome, you’ll want to have as much information on visitors who land on the site and take the intended action due to the ads.

The URL builder tool of Google can do just that. With it, you can determine all URLs that effectively draw people to your material based on its given parameters. They can keep track of the website’s overall performance, be it the time spent browsing its Web pages or whether or not they made a purchase. So take advantage of this feature. It will help you make improvements that will lead to the best returns.

  1. Use a white label software

For those unfamiliar with the term, white label software refers to the process of applying your brand to a program or application of another. In the context of analytics, it’s when the vendor for the software delivers interactive visualization data, advanced analytics, interactive information, machine learning, or real-time reporting into the application of a business. It may sound like a strange practice, but there are a few reasons why this can be beneficial to a business:

    • Maintain brand identity. No business wants their target audience to feel as if the application didn’t come from them. Through white labeling, you’ll ensure that any data or information delivered remains seamless.
    • Quicker market time. Software development can take a considerable amount of time and resources. For this reason, many prefer to take a bolt-on approach and secure an analytics solution to rebrand as their own. An off-the-shelf or pre-built solution can significantly improve your market time in fiercely competitive markets and the demand for quicker turnaround
  • Ease of use. With a bespoke design, users will have a much easier time with the software than they would have otherwise.
  1. Find high-converting pages using Google Analytics services

It’s always a good idea to identify which Web pages host content that results in high conversion rates. However, when you get right down to it, the information can allow you to produce the material that will transform users into paying customers. With Google Analytics Reverse Path-Goal, you’ll be able to uncover all of your performing content and learn invaluable insights as to what your target audience will appreciate out of it. As a result, you’ll increase your traffic and conversion rate at the same time.


With its staggering list of features and simplicity in use, it’s not hard to see why Google Analytics is a popular choice amongst both marketers and businesses alike. And if you want to improve your revenue, you’ll want to make it a part of your campaign too. So don’t be afraid to use the service. You’ll be surprised at how effective it can be in increasing your sales.

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