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Comparison: oneplus nord 2


The new member of the OxygenOS family, the OnePlus Nord comes packed with features that will amaze you. It has been loaded with features that will make your life better and help you get more done in a shorter period of time. The best part about this phone is that it has been loaded with many applications. The applications will help you get a better user experience and perform better on the internet. The applications have been categorized into different groups and they are suitable for different users. The applications are not only available for the standard version of the phone but also for the latest OxygenOS upgrade. oneplus nord 2

The first group of applications includes the Security Options. This application helps you to set up various security features like allowing the use of passwords, turning off the location facility, setting a password and even allowing the use of fingerprints. This allows one to be protected against security risks like hackers and phishers. The second group of applications includes the Maps app that will help you find places. The Maps application is not available on the standard one but has been included with the upgrade.

The third group of applications includes the Wireless Charging. One can charge the battery of his or her smartphone using the wireless charging port of the handset. This feature has been implemented by the smartphone manufacturer as an advantage for the users of the One Plus One Nordic 2.

The fourth application in this review of oneplus nord 2 is the Video Recording. It allows one to capture the video of the device and share it via different platforms. This feature is also supported on the standard one. The fifth application in this comparison is the Hybrid Mode. This enables one to switch between the memory based and the non-memory based screens of the phone.

For the rear camera of the device, the standard One Plus One Nordic is outperformed by the company in a few ways. First, the handsets from HTC perform very poorly in terms of the resolution and image stabilization. On the other hand, the Nokia is ahead in terms of the color representation. In the tests conducted by 3rd party testers, both devices score very poorly when it comes to the video recording performance.

The camera of oneplus nord 2 is equipped with an ISimeter which measures the camera’s power consumption. The power consumption of the device is low, which is very impressive considering that the camera is considered to be one of the most power-efficient ones in the current market. Moreover, the firm supports multi-megapixel imaging. The camera’s auto-focus, exposure and metering are performed well in all kinds of lighting conditions.

In this comparison of the two handsets, the standard Nokia seems to win over the device from HTC. The phone has a bigger display compared to the One Plus One’s screen. Furthermore, it has a higher density of pixels giving better picture quality in low-light situations. In terms of pure battery power, the phone from HTC consumes less power while the one from Nokia seems to be more power-efficient.

The bottom line is that the two smartphones have their own features which differentiate them from each other. However, the onerous nord 2 benefits from some additional features as well as the sensor, dual camera and OMA mode. The sensor is there for the digital photo enthusiasts who would want to experiment with the shooting of high resolution and low light images. The dual camera is of great help for the individuals who would like to capture multiple images with their cameras simultaneously. Lastly, the OMA mode allows the user to shoot images in order to achieve the final image with the portrait effect and blur reduction.

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